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Manage Multiple Projects.  

What is digiFMS?

DigiFms is faculty management software where it enables real-time solutions for real estate companies or property management companies. The main aim is to help these companies in managing residential and commercial properties. Property management companies operate and control the overall insights of real estate. These include residential, commercial, and land. As a company, their role includes managing accounts and finances, participation with tenants, contractors, and agencies.

An App for both Android and ios  

What you get with digiFMS?

digiFMS Web application for Property Managers

Use the web application to create projects, create staff, create Vendors, Manage work orders and progress, Manage tenants, payments and much more.

digiFMS Mobile application for field staff

Use the Mobile application to punch in attendance. Apply leave, upload expenses, accept maintenance request, complete work orders and view reports.

digiFMS Mobile app for Tenants

Tenants can pay rent, raise visitor request, raise complaints, raise maintenance request, speak to property management team, view notifications, view announcements, raise concierge service request.

digiFMS Mobile application for Vendors

vendors can view purchase order, raise invoice and submit, view work orders, complete work orders, view payment status and communicate with property management team.


Amaze helped us in building our finance management system. Appreciate their involvement and timely delivery

Xiaomi Technologies

Arny Abad

We are using Amaze product digiOffice. This has really helped us to manage our employees and track their productivity

Casas Architects

Jerkins Cannoy

Amaze helped us to build our complex local website. We are very happy with the quality deliverable and support they provide

RingCentral Manila

Maria Krishia Manay

We manage multiple property construction in Philippines using digiCMS. It is one of the friendliest solutions that we have worked with

Palm Beach Realty


  How is digiFMS different from any other System?  

  • We are a cloud-based platform. You don’t need to invest in any hardware or software to use digiFMS
  • We will provide an app for both Android and iOS
  • Pay per month for the platform. Nominal subscription fees for using the platform
  • digiFMS is modular. Choose which ever modules that you need to go live
  • Manage multiple properties using one software
  • digiFMS data is stored securely on Microsoft Azure cloud platform
  • Integrations and customizations with existing system is done free of cost
  • First time data load of the real estate company is done free of cost
  • Yearly maintenance is done free of cost
  • Multilingual application supporting languages like Arabic, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Thai and Filipino

  Why should you Subscribe to digiFMS?  

Own app and software to manage multiple construction projects

No investment in Hardware, Software and Maintenance. Pay for what you use

Track staff and vendor productivity

Real-time feedback from tenants on issues

Track all payments and receivables

Digitization of office Lead Management Process with analytics and dashboards

  What are the Modules in digiFMS?  

  Property Management Application

  • Login Module
  • User Management
  • Project Management
  • Tenant Management
  • PO Management
  • Staff Management
  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Project Request Management
  • Event Management
  • Announcements
  • Visitor Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Complaints Management
  • Dashboard,reports and analytics

  digiFMS Vendor Mobile Application

  • Login
  • Work order dashboard
  • Invoice Management
  • PO Management
  • Payments Management
  • Dashboard, Analytics and Reports

    Staff Mobile App

  • Login
  • Profile Management
  • Work Schedule
  • Update work progress

  • Reports
  • Attendance
  • Leave

  Tenant Mobile App

  • Login
  • Profile Managements
  • Visitor Managements
  • Maintenance request
  • Rent payments
  • Rent receipts
  • Property management staff lookup
  • Vacation notice

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